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More wider, More stronger!

The ArcBro-Deluxe standard cutting area is 1,500X3,000mm,
Max cutting area can reach 2,000X15,000mm.

Recommended cutting width :1,800mm


ArcBro Deluxe integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features:

  • High Memory for Users’ Programs
  • Colorful Screen, high resolution
  • Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
  • Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
  • Returning to Reference Point
  • Kerf compensation
  • Revolving
  • Mirror image


The frame is wider with high-quality racks, up to 370MM, which makes the cross beam move more stably and keep high precision. The cutting head will not bend even up to 2.0M for the beam.


The machine body guiding rail keep the endurable dual axises slidingrails ,while we want to the beam more stable ,ArcBro Deluxe CNC Cutting Machine, the beam guiding rail change into the best precision linear style .The precision linear guide is only be used on the Precision Bigger Gantry machine ,like Koike, Messer and so on. The introduction of guiding rail in the XY-axises of the machine, enables a more stable movement of the crossbeam and avoids the cutting head from declining.


This feature allows the user to enable or disable the motors while power is on, guarantee the user’s safety


We use 15X15X505.5 rack for ArcMate Deluxe. it is much stable than others .


  • Longitudinal rails frame
  • Transversal Beam
  • Cross beam
  • Central Unit
  • Universal torch holder
  • Plasma cable holder
  • Nozzles for propane cutting torch
  • All necessary electrical cables
  • Memory key
  • SigmaNEST Companion™ Cutting Software
  • User’s manual in English/Spanish
  • Auto Height Controller for flame and plasma (Optional)


Technical Parameters:

Rated Power 180W
Electric Power 220AC/110AC, 50/60HZ
Effective Cutting Range

Standard Size: 1.5m x 3.0m

Customized Size:       Width: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m

                    Length: 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m … 15.0m

Standard 1.5m x 3.0m Machine Net Weight : 130KG
Gross Weight : 180KG
Packing : In 2 plywood boxes

Cutting Parameters :

Mode Of Cutting
Cutting Speed Plasma Flame
Cutting Thickness 0~6,000mm/min 0~600mm/min
Cutting Thickness Depending on the plasma power source 6mm~250mm, using the special torch
Torch Height Automatic voltage sensing THC
Compatibility Favorable all major brands plasma Built-in oxy-fuel torch with propane nozzle(acetylene nozzles can be provided on request)

Sample Video


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