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  • Gantry structure, dual drive.
  • The new longitudinal welding technology is adopted in the heavy square pipe of,good rigidity. High precision, according to customer requirements, the X Pro can be designed up to 6 meters max.
  • The high precision 24kg heavy rails are adapted in Y-asis, extendable as long as you wish.
    The high precision rack and pinion is adopted in the X-asis and Y-asis.
  • The automatic ignition feature is optional ,the standard package has one oxy-fuel torch with the motorized driven, the capacitive or the arc voltage THC is optional, to help the customer to realize automatic oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.
  • Panasonic servo driving system(optional), precise smooth running(stability)!
  • The X Pro can be customized also:
    Such as Control system, driving system, gas circuit, THC (torch high controller) .
    You can choice the hypertherm EDGE1 and EDGE2; Beijing starfire, ….and other numerical control system; Japanese panasonic servo motor, reducer made in Germany, solenoid valve made in Taiwan and so on.
  • Support Hypertherm HPR series plasma power source.

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Model-Technical Index Effect 8,000mm crossbeam, Railway can be customized
Cutting Mode Flame and Plasma
Actual Machine Body Depend on the customized size
Effective Cutting Area Depend on the customized size
Cutting Torch No. 1 group Flame and Plasma both standard, can be multi torches
Driving Mode 750W x 3, AC Panasonic servo system(optional), Dual driving mode
Height Control Auto height controller for Flame and plasma torch
Cutting Thickness 6~300mm(Flame), Plasma cutting due to the plasma power source
Cutting Gas Flame:(Acetylene, Propane or Liquid Gas) + Oxygen
Cutting Speed Regulating Range 0~18,000mm/min
CNC Control Mode Special CNC system software, can run on any computer with WINDOWS system
Input Voltage 220V
Options Capacitance Auto Torch Height Control(THC) and anti-collision

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