Our System

Our System


ArcBro is an economical portable CNC cutting machine to cut complex shapes costs of high quality with Oxy-fuel and Plasma cutting. With its ideal equipment for small-and medium-sized enterprises, the ArcBro portable cutting machine does apply in a wide range of industries and companies.ArcBro is designed to be a portable, cost-effective production machine, ArcBro has an simpler, safer, faster method to complete your Plate Cutting, The system supports Oxy-fuel cutting from 6-150 mm and air-plasma systems to 40 mm material thickness


ArcBro supports plasma and Oxyfuel-gas cutting both, Computer controlled technology allows unlimited shape cutting using preprogrammed patterns or use of NC code. The Machine Memory capacity is more than 3000 files. With graphical support manuel programming is simple, easy and efficient.The clients can choose different package due to his actual needs, it makes sense an entire portable CNC plasma or oxyfuel-gas cutting system able to do an best quantity cutting.

How is Offered

With different customer cutting size and accuracy , our engineer will help you make the best economic solution . When a portable product is installed, clients can also make the movable cutting table individually to deal with new projects in different places and expand their business. Speak to a sales engineer to go over the next project sales@ArcBro.com .

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