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ARCBRO Tube-Master Heavy Pipe Cutter


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Huge CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, Max 1800mm diameter, High precision, More stabilityHeavy duty.

  • The new ARCBRO Tube-Master is a 4-axis(with auto beveling) or 2-axis
  • Having an outside diameter of more than 800mm(32-inches),max 1800mm diameter.
  • A length of up to 3000mm (10-feet), extendable, as long as you wish.
  • ARCBRO’s exclusive Windows-DOS®-based operating system with library, it not easy damage by virus.
  • Improves pipe fabrication productivity and quality by consolidating set-up, programming and cutting into one operation

ARCBRO Tube-Master Feature

  • Heavy duty–great choice.
  • Easy operation ensures fast
  • Turning roll and conveyor design evenly supports and centers pipe under cutting torches
  • One person performs all cutting and handling operations
  • Safe, efficient material handling uses variable speed
  • High precision and more stability
  • Auto Beveling, cutting any pipes.
  • Programming and flame/Plasma cutting both.
  • Easy to use programming software – no special skills required.
  • Large pre-loaded cut library

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Type 4-axis or 2-axis
Input Voltage 220V(Optional)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Power 3000W or More
Display Color LTD 10.4
Cutting Speed 0~3,000mm/min
Movement Speed 0~6,000mm/min
Rotational Speed 0~3,000mm/min
Cutting Mode Flame/Plasma
Automatic Torch Height Control Arc
Cutting Pipe Diameter Range ∅100~1250mm (Can be customized)
Effective Pipe Length ≤15000mm (Extended)
Bevel Cutting Angle 30° 45° 60°
Pipe Thickness Perpendicular cutting: 3~80mm

Bevel cutting: 4~40mm

More bigger torches, more larger thickness

Request the Pipe Ellipse ≤1%

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