why choose CNC cutting machines

 ARCBRO can be used to be your reliable CNC cutting solution, it is an ideal cutting tools of the daily cutting work. ARCBRO proves its value from many areas, and it is many strengths, for example:

  1. Support Flame & Plasma Cutting Both
  2. Simple installation, plug and play
  3. New Colorful controller with High Memory
  4. Libary patterns support nesting, make you off-pc cutting truly!
  5. Customized Space Occupation
  6. Movable & Adjustable Cutting Platform, Anywhere for cutting


What can we do for you?2

Save time. You fell there is no enough time when you do you work in the day? Ok, we can’t reinvent the clock, but you might think we did that, because of the use of our arcbro instead of your traditional mechanical cutting turtles. Our new customer always feedback the information that they did add extra labor and fine works, but do double output. Why they got double output, which is because ARCBRO is fast and simple to movable and convenient CNC, and it is very easy to be operation also.



Lower InvestmentArcBro

If you are a DIY fun or a Metal design lover, now you will have a new choice .
Do you have a headache for the highest cost of the bigger gantry machine ? pls consider our ArcBro Portable CNC cutting Machine. we believe you must be much enjoy for the portable machine performance, after serial year development, Our CNC machine already become much more better than ever. now many factory focus on use the ArcBro Portable CNC cutting machine, for the cost will be much lower than the bigger one.


Simple Operationarcbro-simple

Any common people can operate our ARCBRO, the system is friendly and simple, more important, there are many patterns already in our machine system, you can cut it directly without go to for the AutoCAD designning. anyway, if you are an AutoCAD master, you can also cut your arts through a USB Memory card easily.


Durable In Usex3

All the ARCBRO machine is made by good quality parts, every every screw, now many ARCBRO’s still working in the world after six years. it still works for every steel cutter. we only supply the good quality machine for every customer. every customer is our God.


Entired Product Classclass

With ARCBRO cutting system, you can choose which kind of machine more favor. Portable, gantry, bench type and pipe cutting machine were allways ready for you. Totally product line will satisfied various customer need differen cutting capacities and situtations. Every class of product will keep moving on invention. Just focus what you want.


Engineered Solutions

Our engineer will help every customer to design the cutting figure ,if the customer need help ,we also can help dealer to have a train for machine use , CAD design , cutting solution , machine updating, NC machine repairment ,even the marketing support ,if you want .



Invention capacitiesce

Welcome to visit our insite page [–>>Invention certificates<<–]





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